MGM Resorts International App Reviews

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Always the best!!!

MGM takes such great care of their members! Every time I log in, book a stay and travel, I have great experiences. Thank you

Need fixing!

App does not allow me to check in or complete the check in early option. Plus, the app states I can check in early for $30, but when I call guest services (because the app won’t let me chose this option) they say it’s $40 check in. Needless to say I’m disappointed.

Login issue

Since last update cannot login. Get error “unable to access your account”


Had an AWESOME time while at the Mandalay Bay! Very friendly staff!


this is rad and awesome so much joy😊

Doesn’t work

Get error “unable to access account” when signing in.


Since you switched over i have to reset my password if I want on the website. Every single time. Not worth it anymore. This app needs a lot of help


I absolutely love the BeauRivage

EXCEEDED Expectation

I love all the benefits That MLife Rewards Have To give

MGM springfield

Have a long way to go w customer care


It didn’t pull up my correct tier


Need better integration with conferences so that one can manage reservations with Mirage account.

Definitely worth staying

I’m happy to say that booking a reservation was easy and the hotel looks and feels fantastic. It is my second time staying here and what I have mentioned above it’s the reason why I am back, let’s make it a third time.

Love the MLife

They are always sending offers and specials and we enjoy visiting Vegas and hey make it fun for us! Thanks so much

My Stay at your Resorts

My wife and I have stayed at the Bellagio in LV many times and the Borgota in AC more times That I can remember. Both places are great. We played in Both casinos and had Avery enjoyable time. All I would like if the points we accumulated in your LV casino can be carried over to the Borgota. Our pearl cards we have gotten in LV doesn’t work in AC and the goes for our AC cards don’t work in LV. Thanks for all the good times in both. J Shaw

The life

If ya aint living the M-Life, ya just aint livin!

Mobile check in

DONT USE! Stand in line. We live in Reno NV and would have only been valuable if I checked in b4 the flight left!

Got It To Check In, Couldn’t Check In

Aside from that it’s mostly advertisements.

Nice hotel

Nice hotel just don’t like how dark west wing king rooms are

Newer isn’t always better

I hate so sound cliché but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The old app was much easier to use and was more like the MLife website. I tend to refer back to the website more often than I should. Technology running backwards.

Apartment buildings owner and coins stamps and paper money collector

You have best customer service ,I love to stay here . Room is very clean

Digital key is amazing

Getting into the property, skipping the line and walking directly to my room is my favorite part of the app. Love it!


The absolute best for years!!!!

This is amazing

I got my hotel key with in 2 minutes the service was good the app ran fast and I like all the features that is has.

We like it

Nice not have to do line


Everything about MGM is top notch. Can’t wait to return for a vacation!!


Parking situation is not clear pay not pay. Attendants say pay yet guests are being charged? Not clear

Can never check in & log in issues

Takes several attempts to check in and several attempts to login the site says server issues, apps needs work

Terrible Rooms and Resort Needs Updating

I am currently at MGM right now and I have to say I am in the worst room I have ever been in and I have been staying in at least 20 different hotels a year across the country for the last 15 years. Almost $300 per night for a tiny room with no light, a very small window and bad outdated decor. MGM should be ashamed that they even offer this room. Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express have nicer rooms than this. Heck, I’ve stayed in hostels in Europe for $20 that were nicer than this. Then we went to the pool and got a cabana. Service was slow and paint was flaking off of stucco pillars, stairs and rails everywhere. I’m not talking small flecks, these are multiple chunks larger than softballs on just one pillar. Seriously disappointing. If I paid $100 that would be one thing, but $300 a night for this room and almost a thousand dollars at the pool deserves a higher level of an experience. This will be the first and last time I ever stay here again.

Agresskve Host’s

**lisha, you’re just awful.


This is a great way to check in. I hope this works when we arrive.

M-life card but no way to register

Website was not designed to handle clients with an mlife card from before email was associated with the card account#

Can’t change CC

Can not change the credit card information so I can’t check on


The staff was very friendly! The casino was small. They did not keep up with the cleanup. The bathrooms were empty of paper towels and the toilets were dirty. Empty drink glasses all over the place. No food options till 11:00 AM and the grill that opened at 8:00 AM had long lines and the choices are very limited. The coffee bars are a great addition!!! I love that you could get coffee, soda, water anytime but the opening saw the counters filthy and no lids or milk, cream available. This will be a work in progress and I hope they will get their stuff together and make it more customer friendly. I will try it out again as they work out the kinks.

MGM Springfield

Opening day way very well crafted and is a fabulous resort.thanks mgm.

Cannot use Apple Pay

Why does MGM block the use of Apple Pay?

Can’t even login

Cannot even log in. Stays stuck at login screen.

MLife point

MLife points are not reflecting in my app


Simply Marvelous


I only stay at MGM owned resorts when available. Great service, amenities and lounging areas!

Check out time

There needs to be an option for a late check out . We have a late flight. No options

Nice update!

After lightening the background it’s easier to navigate and find things within the app. It’s working faster for me, booking process is simple.

Thank you!

Beautiful update, this finally is starting to feel like what I expected. Great work, keep the updates coming!

Needs fixed!

This app needs a lot of work. There are some nice features about it such as checking restaurants and entertainment, but it also has a lot of flaws. First I couldn’t do the mobile check in for some reason. Then I was sent an email for mobile check in but it kept timing out. So when I was finally able to complete it I get to the hotel and their kiosk is down and I had to stand in line anyway. Then somehow the mobile check in had upgraded my room to an ADA room?!?! Again lots of issues within the app and the system as a whole. It would also be nice if the app provided property maps so you could find things easier.

Good for one thing

The app is only good to see your room number and confirmation number. You will need your co formation number when you HAVE to “check in” in person. Isn’t the applications main goal to allow a person to skip in person check in? You cannot use the app to order housekeeping, room service, see your current charges or see them after you check out. You have to call or email the hotel to get your folio. Why can’t this be done in the app. The only app worse than the MGM resort is their gambling application.

Can't log in

When I try to log in to Mlife the progress thing just keeps spinning and spinning and nothing happens. No error, just nothing. Of the screen goes to sleep when I open again the app has closed itself.

Can’t login!!!

Hello Developers - Can not login. Please fix ASAP.

Won’t let me log in

Trying to log in and it keeps giving me a login error.

An idiot made this app!

Don’t make any mistakes when signing up or you won’t be able to fix most of them!

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