MGM Resorts International App Reviews

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better for some

The recent update has not resolved issues of staying logged in. Access to Mlife account still requires logging in twice and once there, it holds less account info than before. I now need to login via a browser to see all my details. sigh

Much better

Still a few navigation elements could be made better but seems much improved over the older version. Login issues seems corrected. Dining function works well.

Awesome new app!

This is a great improvement for those who experienced the previous application. It is much more responsive and simple without all the drill-down menus. I am looking forward to the roll out of new features with time. Thumbs up on the new app though!

Update broke the app!

As others have already reported, this current update totally broke the app. Now I can't log into my account. I mean, seriously, come on!

Bad Update

Recent update broke the app, now I can’t log into my account without it trying to check me in for a reservation. Very frustrating, please fix!!

The new update ruined the app

Cannot log in to my account on the app, it says to check in with hotel to get additional help. I'm not even trying to check in for a reservation, just log into my account. Very sad :( nice UI though!

Unable to login to Mlife

App won’t let me login! Poor QA! How do you release an app that doesn’t work?

Mobile Key Is The Best!

As someone who frequently forgets to take my room key with me, I absolutely love that I can use my phone to open my room door at Delano!

Still makes you sign every morning constantly

I like the new look but the problem I had with last version of app still exists. I sign in then click something in app and I’m not sign in. It literally signs you in and immediately you signs out. Fix this or it’s pointless to use the app! Thanks & please

Mobile checkin - one phrase and sold...

No more long lines to check-in. Your phone is your room key. Works like a charm..

Mlife login not working

The Mlife login does not work for me. Accepts my login information, but takes me to a screen that says “please check in at the front desk. Your reservation required additional care”. I wasn’t trying to access a reservation, only log into Mlife. Excited for this feature once it is functioning as intended.

Found My Expedia Res and Got Mlife rewards

So happy I get to use my Mlife even with reservations I book through Expedia!!!!

How worthless can this get?

So...standing in lobby of Aria to check in. Why not mobile? Nope! You have to PRE-checkin with email sent yesterday. No warning this is time limited. So...long checkin line, maybe search for open local restaurants on app. Are you kidding? This app can’t/won’t do that! How silly! All search terms come up empty. My, how about a map of this vast property in the app? Silly me, why would they do that? Not here. Or if it is it is hidden. 5 stars? Not electronically. 1 star for absolutely incapable app. Google maps helps me WAY MORE!

What’s the point?

Constantly, randomly logging me out. Totally useless app that can’t provide any info because I’m not logged in.

How this was ever released is beyond me

Nothing works, have to login multiple times no wallet support. Going from app to window with browser is lazy and doesn’t work at all. This app would make me seriously consider.l not staying at an M Life property. Would have been better if never released honestly I’d be embarrassed to work in their IT department.

Horrible app

If you're just wishing that you could feel immensely frustrated right now, look no further. This app will give you your frustration fix in a hurry. I want to rush back to the casino to lose more money just to make myself feel a little less bad after spending 15 excruciating minutes with this app.

Sign in every time

Forces sign in every time, stupid with today’s app tech. Really, this enhances the Mirage experience, not for me. I’ll find another place for my next visit to Vegas. One with an app set that enhances the experience. Bye MGM

Could be so much better

Doesn’t keep you logged in and needs more frequent updates. Monte Carlo is now Park MGM. Their pool is open, but there’s no pictures.

App cannot find simple reservations

I am amazed how many complicated steps it takes to find a simple room reservation only to find it never can. It seems like their online MLife Rewards system is completely different from the app. It is amazing they are promoting mobile check in when it does not work. It is also amazing that you sign in and then have to sign in multiple times and put in your confirmation number from an email to get a reservation. Is that not the point of the app? I do not understand what the purpose of this app is for?

Terrible... doesn’t keep me logged in

This app is simply terrible. I have been consistently unable to stay logged in. There are also numerous instances when I log in under one section or to be immediately logged out while going to another part of the menu. It’s beyond frustrating. I just use safari or chrome... some issues there, too, but at least I can stop the password. Come on, MGM, it’s 2018... give us TouchID and store login.

Apple Wallet

It’s a good app but doesn’t have a ton of functionality. But it really should give me the option to add my virtual membership card to Apple Wallet. Whenever I need my various hotel numbers I go to my Apple Wallet. I can’t do that for my M Life account.

Could be better still

I love m life but still feel the app is lacking. Granted, I’ve loved to book my hotel stay via the app but looking for restaurant at or other things within the app is still very difficult.

Useless App

There isn’t any point of downloading this app!

Not a good app

I have not even stayed at the property yet... I booked a room at the Luxor and decided to try out their app. Normally, I stay at the IHG chain but decided to try out MGM properties. The app is not a good end user experience. IHG allows one to request certain items for your room in advance like extra towels or you can alert the hotel that it's a special occasion etc. I could not find anyway to communicate with the hotel ahead of time other than a phone call. I don't mind calling and I appreciate that info but I find calling can sometimes take a lot longer along with multiple transfers to get you to the right area. There is lots of info on the app but I did not find it helpful and easy to navigate.


Booked through a 3rd party site which makes mobile checkin on this app impossible. Wasn't made aware that 3rd party checkin isn't available on this until after I waited in line for too long and was told I 'didn't have to wait anymore if I had the app'. I tried the app, didn't work. Back in line, at the back of the line. Stay is not off to good start.

Horrible for now, used to be good

I'd give it a "0" star if that was an option. I've been trying to get my mobile tickets for the show I reserved, but no success. I cannot even get an access to my room reservation. This app asks to login so many times, it's ridiculous. Don't waste your time.


The whole point of updating an app is to make it better. They do the opposite and make it worse. Takes a special kind of people to do that and another to let that happen. Don't bother.

Not useful

For those of us who are tech-savvy travelers with $$$ to spend in Vegas, the expectation for an app would be one that would be useful in multiple ways (room reservations, check in function that actually works, dining options/reservations, maps, perks, etc). I can't even sign in to the app as an Mlife member. I am very disappointed and expected much more from MGM!


Can't even sign in. Keep indicating password or email is incorrect. I can log onto the website fine. Need to fix this.


I've been trying to Mobile check in for about 45 mins now. First of all their mobile check in machines are down. All 3 of them. So I resort to waiting in line for the mobile check in. Now this stupid app is telling me there are not any rooms available even though I paid for a room??? Worst app ever. Catch up with today's technology MGM grand.

MGM Review

Very difficult to navigate and doesn't stay signed in. Information that should be simple to find (tier progress, etc.) is not and the menus do not scroll properly.

Lacking even rudimentary QA

I remember several years ago, when I actually called MLife with a long list of problems that rendered their app unutterable. The response by the rude lady, with the heavy New York accent, on the other end of the phone was: "What?! You're using the app?! Don't use the app! It doesn't work!" Amazing! Well, it seems like a similar amount of care and professionalism continues to be interested in the development of this app! Other that the confusing navigation, which seems to leave the bottoms of pages inaccessible, until one figures out exactly where one has to tough to bring the next bit of window into view; it seems like most of the links that send you to the embedded browser are problematic. (By the way, I find it to be extremely lazy to go from a custom app to embedded browser. It looks like there was absolutely no interest in spending too much time or money, developing the app. This is confirmed by the utter lack of rudimentary QA.) In just navigating around to see what the app offered, I found a 404 Page Not Found error, and God forbid you would want information regarding the various tiers (this would seem like something that should take priority in the app, given that MLife is a loyalty program), because the page that is supposed to display the tier information only shows the leftmost two columns!!! So I guess anything Gold or above is a secret, SHHH!!!


It's near impossible to find your points without stumbling across them by accident. Always asks you to sign in even though your already signed in. Not convenient at all. Looks good but that's about it.


Seeing improvements finally... took MGM a few years. Signing in works now.

Very Annoying

This app does not keep you signed in. Every time you sign in and leave the page it asks you to sign in again. Also to find your points is very difficult to navigate to.

Absolutely useless!!!

Do not waste your time with this app. Tried to do pre-check in and mobile ck in and it couldn't find our reservation!!! Then it finally did locate it but came back as error can not process. Had to go to service desk upon arrival which the app is designed for you to skip. Using this app to find out about restaurants and other features is really slow and cumbersome. Faster to look at the hotels website. Epic fail!!!

Surprisingly crappy app

Doesn't work.

Needs some serious work. Don't add it. Move on.

The old app was fine. This is horrible. Once you select something, nothing is viewable on your screen. What's the point of the new app if it doesn't work?!?!? Plus others have said it but no one has fixed it. Very disappointed. Had hoped to redeem my awards but this looks like a scam. Thanks MGM for nothing.

Same issue, doesn't work

Every time I try to book a show or change my password, I am always getting the, "due to a system error, unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later" This was the same issues in the previous app. Come on MGM, you are a multi-billion dollar industry. Please fix these issues. I think you would see more of an uptick in profit if people can see their points on there app.

Doesn't work

Please fix this. Calendar to book rooms doesn't work.

No Mlife Login

I cannot login to my Mlife account "due to a system error" and should "try again later." It's been three days and that's unacceptable. Worthless app for my uses until whatever is wrong gets fixed.

No maps

Where are the maps? That's the MAIN REASON anyone would want an app like this.

Worst app I've ever used

I tried to do the mobile checkin on this worthless app. Took me 20 minutes and I got nowhere. M-life integration is horrible. The usability of the form is disgusting. If this was made by a couple 14 year olds in an intro development class, they would get a solid B. I expect more from a company the size of MGM. Hire more developers or hire better developers you morons.

All MGM resorts in a single app

I can now find all the MGM shows and restaurants that I can earn M Life comps all in one App instead of search through several different resort apps.

Need an IPad version

Great app, but iPad version would greater

Misleading for StayWell Room

Booked the MGM StayWell Room. First of its kind in staying healthy, HoWEvEr the bullet points of amenities/perks as a Stay Well Guest are false. Called reservation rep's and they are denying that a massage or facial is a perk with the room. Beware. Misleading. BBB!!!!

good app

nice app helped me get around hotel saved me 20% off room

Life the M Life

Should that be "live"? You may want to search for more spelling errors.


Why does this app not include upcoming UFC fights? I have tickets to May 24th 2014 but it's not listed on the app. Anywhere?


Crashes on startup.

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